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Diminished Value in Seattle

Seattle is known for its superior drivers, the rain-soaked roads of the Emerald City almost demand it. However, even the best drivers have found themselves fighting insurance companies over accident claims. If your vehicle has been in an accident, it has lost its resale value by 15% – 50%. This inevitable decrease is known as “Diminished Value.” Many Seattle car dealerships use resources like Carfax to pull accident history when pitching to potential buyers. Only one-third of all Americans will purchase a vehicle that has been in an accident. Despite what insurance companies lead you to believe, auto body repair is not the only compensation you are owed. You could have thousands of dollars left unclaimed that insurance companies are bound by law to pay you. That’s money you could use on your next shopping trip to Pike Place. At Hansen Price, we have over 25 years of experience in the Seattle area. We want to be your breath of fresh air in the Diminished Value industry and put thousands back into your pocket.

Diminished Value

We offer the simplest process and greatest financial compensation for your diminished value claim in Seattle. Leave it to our team of seasoned professionals to guide you through each step of the process to come out on top by following these three easy steps.



Your time and money are valuable. We'll quickly assess if your vehicle's DV value is worth pursuing. Older cars, smaller repairs, or vehicles in previous accidents may have such a low DV, that it is not worth the cost or effort to pursue.


We'll collect all the information needed to issue an appraisal and valuation report. Many claims can be done over the phone or email. We'll perform all the required research.


We'll prepare all the information you need to present to the insurance company. We provide you with sample letters for you to use and include a step-by-step checklist and a plan to present your claim.


"I sent off the report you guys prepared for me, and boom- I got a full settlement offer. I really appreciate your approach and expertise. I truly appreciate your help. I will admit I was skeptical, but speaking with you over the phone, your company seemed very genuine, so I pulled the trigger. Great job guys!"

– Ryan J.
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Thanks to the entire crew at Hansen Price. I settled my DV claim for $5,750, and I now have the check in hand. Safeco lowballed me, and I’m glad I had everything I needed to counter. Thanks again!"

– D. Anderson
Bend, Oregon

“Hansen Price made getting my Diminished Value check for $3,000 from my insurance quick and painless.”

– Danielle C.
Portland, Oregon

Don't leave the payout you deserve entirely up to your insurance company. You will be happy you took this extra step when you have your settlement check in-hand. So take that day trip to Alki Beach and soak up the beautiful scenery. When it comes to Diminished Value we've got you covered.

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