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Post Repair Inspections

Post repair inspectors across the nation find that approximately 90% of collision repairs performed by insurance-referred discount body shops and national chain body shops are inferior, incomplete, or unsafe. The insurance company and the body shop are responsible for compensating you for the cost of re-repairing your vehicle back to pre-loss condition.


  1. Contact us. A phone consultation will quickly determine if the possibility of problems exist within the repair. Determining factors include: The name of the insurance carrier, the name of body shop, the cost of the repair, and how hard you were hit.
  2. Schedule an appointment. Plan on one hour for an initial visual inspection and measurements. You will need to bring all the documents requested.
  3. If we find problems, we will let you know the potential severity and cost to re-repair your vehicle. Often, the vehicle is unsafe to drive. If this is the case, we can work with the insurance carrier while you wait to get you into an insurance-paid rental.
  4. If you choose to have Hansen Price help you recover the costs of re-repairing your vehicle, we will work with the body shop and the insurance carrier on your behalf.