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Hansen Price – Diminished Value Specialists

Regardless of make, model or year… Our cars are very important to us. Commonly given pet names and taken immaculate care of, a vehicle is a large investment and a huge part of our lives. In fact, the average American will only own six vehicles in their lifetime. We attach memories to these cars. Possibly of a first kiss, leaving home for college or driving away with a “just married” sign in the window and tin cans on the bumper. When an accident occurs to such a special investment in our lives it creates both financial and emotional burdens. Hansen Price is an ethical company specializing in diminished value and is here to assist you in reclaiming all the damages that occur from an accident where the other party was at fault.

Once an accident occurs, the at-fault party is responsible for repairing the damages to your vehicle. Unfortunately, insurance companies pay the lowest amount possible to get these damages fixed and normally do not take diminished value into consideration. Diminished value is the immediate loss of resale value your vehicle suffers in an accident. Even though the car may have been restored to road worthy conditions, it has still lost a considerable amount of worth. A recent study showed that over 1/3 of Americans surveyed would not buy an automobile that had been in a previous accident and 42% said that they would buy the vehicle, but only for a very large discount.

Whether you are a business professional, raising a family, working through college or retired, your vehicle is a very important piece of your life. Why should you settle for having such a large loss in value after being involved in an accident where you were not at-fault? There are major stigmas associated with a car that has been in accident regardless of the quality of repairs – a recent dealer survey conducted showed that dealer’s diminished a vehicle’s value by 15% – 50%.

Some factors that cause diminished value are:

  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Frame damage
  • Sub-standard repairs
  • Use of non-OEM parts not originally placed on the car by the manufacturer
  • Overall percentage of damage to the auto versus it’s original value

Hansen Price is here every step of the way to help you reclaim the integrity of your car. We are well versed in the laws that will protect you and can guide you to reputable appraisers that will deliver an accurate report of your losses, advise your needs for auto services and will support you should you go into litigation.