Diminished Value in Oregon

The state of Oregon is known for its densely wooded areas, a beautiful coastline and cascading mountain ranges. With a population of approximately 4 million (being the 26th most populous state) and having incredibly straining driving conditions between the elevations and commonly wet streets and other weather conditions, it’s not surprising to know that Oregon has an extremely high amount of car accidents. “Miles driven” by the population of the state have gone up 8 percent in the last year. This has resulted in more accidents and a larger need for a diminished value in Oregon specialist like Hansen Price to be involved and help police the need for reimbursement of diminished value should an accident take place.

Diminished value is a result of when a car accident occurs. Many times when the at-fault party for the accident has your car repaired, the insurance company will pay the lowest amount to get the damages fixed. This can lead to shoddy repairs or aftermarket replacements. Even if the car is upheld to its original state, there is still an immediate loss of resale value to your vehicle after a car accident. Because of today’s technology, sites on the Internet such as Carfax, Autocheck and many other accident report companies make it very easy for the everyday person to look up a vehicle’s history. Most citizens of Oregon looking to buy a used car are not interested in buying a vehicle that has been in a reported accident. The diminished value of your car could be anywhere from 15%-50%.

Hansen Price is here to protect our clients and has the best interest of our customers. We are one of the leading companies specializing in diminished value in Oregon. We take pride in reclaiming the integrity of your car by being well versed in Oregon diminished value laws, guiding you to reputable appraisers that will deliver a report that will stand up in court if that is an action that is required to move forward and will put you in good hands for legal representation.

There has been a diminished value law in Oregon in place since the 1940’s, but because of the new Oregon law, ORS. 20.080, insurance companies must provide you with their best offer within 30 days if you provide evidence, a diminished value appraisal, and a demand letter. If the offer is too low and you are found justified in your claim for as much as 1 cent over their offer, they must pay all attorney fees as well as the agreed upon amount for your diminished value by the court.

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Regardless of your make, model or year, your vehicle is something very personal to you. It can be a draining and stressful situation to not only go through the pain from the original accident when you are not at fault, but can be equally painful to go through litigation. It is incredibly important that you don’t put your Oregon diminished value claim solely in the hands of the insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for issuing far too little for diminished value in Oregon, consistently use their own appraisers, and often denying that you have a claim at all. It is our goal at Hansen Price to put your mind at ease and rectify the loss and damages of your car.

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