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Diminished Value in Houston

You’ve had a frustrating vehicle accident that rendered your car in need of major repair. We’ve all been there, and suffered the irritation that comes with dealing with the insurance company afterward, followed by the headache of getting the repair work done to your car. However, many drivers don’t realize that having an accident has a significant impact on their vehicle’s resale value, despite being fully repaired.

In fact, only 1/3 of American consumers will buy a car that has previously been in an accident. This inevitable loss after an accident is referred to as “diminished value.” In Houston, most car dealerships will use various online tools to negotiate with their potential customers, making a vehicle’s history available to anyone who wants to see it. With this in mind, it can be assumed that auto body repair will not be able to provide you with a full compensation. Fortunately, you have the chance to recoup potentially thousands of dollars from your insurance company by making a diminished value claim in Houston.

Diminished Value

At Hansen Price, we help people handle their diminished value claims in Houston regularly. We know the process behind these claims and how to get the results our clients deserve. Let us help recover the potentially thousands of dollars owed to you by your insurance company after an accident.



Assessing the details of the potential diminished value claim in Houston. Your time and money are valuable. Our first step is to look at your case and assess whether it’s worth pursuing. There are occasions where it may not be worth your trouble. For example, if your vehicle is an older model, or it already has a history of accidents behind it, it may not make sense to pursue a diminished value claim.


We collect the necessary information. We’ll collect all the information needed as it relates to your claim in order to provide an appraisal and valuation report. Much of this can be done by phone or email, making the process even less of a hassle to file a claim for diminished value in Houston.


We prepare the information you need to present a strong claim. We put the information together for you to make presenting your Houston diminished value claim straightforward. We’ll provide you with sample letters for your insurance company as well as a simple checklist to follow to present your claim.


"I sent off the report you guys prepared for me, and boom- I got a full settlement offer. I really appreciate your approach and expertise. I truly appreciate your help. I will admit I was skeptical, but speaking with you over the phone, your company seemed very genuine, so I pulled the trigger. Great job guys!"

– Ryan J.
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Thanks to the entire crew at Hansen Price. I settled my DV claim for $5,750, and I now have the check in hand. Safeco lowballed me, and I’m glad I had everything I needed to counter. Thanks again!"

– D. Anderson
Bend, Oregon

“Hansen Price made getting my Diminished Value check for $3,000 from my insurance quick and painless.”

– Danielle C.
Portland, Oregon

At Hansen Price, the best value we give our Houston clients is an easy process for a significant amount of money. We’ll help get you the greatest financial compensation after you’ve been in a car accident. Once you receive the settlement check you deserve, you’ll be able to move forward with more peace of mind.

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