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Diminished Value in Fort Worth

Like most drivers in Fort Worth, after a vehicle accident, you’ll want to move on to getting repairs done as soon as possible to get yourself back on the road. However, once repairs are done and costs covered, your vehicle has likely still suffered a loss that you didn’t realize has occurred. The loss we’re referring to is known as “diminished value” in Fort Worth. Regardless of how well your auto body shop repaired your vehicle, its accident history is readily available with sources like CARFAX. Only 1/3 of American consumers will purchase a used vehicle that has been in an accident, which means your car or truck’s value has just plummeted between 15-50%. Fortunately, many insurance companies in Fort Worth cover diminished value, allowing you the opportunity to recoup thousands of dollars otherwise lost. Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t make this information readily available to their clients.

From Sundance Square, to the Stockyards, Panther Island, and everything in between, don’t let your vehicle be subject to diminished value loss in Fort Worth. Make your claim today, and recover the money rightfully owed to you by your insurance company!

Diminished Value

Hansen Price delivers a straightforward process to help our clients successfully make their claim for diminished value in Fort Worth. We know what insurance companies look for, and our staff is highly adept at the claims process. We help our clients get the financial compensation they deserve! Making a diminished value claim in Fort Worth doesn’t have to be a headache with Hansen Price available to assist.



Quick initial assessment. We know your time and money are not to be wasted, so our first step is to review the details of your case to determine whether a Fort Worth diminished value claim is worth pursuit. In certain cases, such as with an older vehicle, or one with a previously established history of accidents, it may not be worth your energy to pursue such a claim.


Collect the necessary information. We’ll gather all pertinent information surrounding your claim to produce an appraisal and evaluation report. Conveniently, this can often be done over the phone or via email.


Prepare the information for your claim. We’ll compile all information necessary for you to present your Fort Worth diminished value claim to your insurance company. We’ll also provide sample letters for you to provide to your insurance company, as well as a step-by-step checklist to follow, making the entire process simple and straightforward.


"I sent off the report you guys prepared for me, and boom- I got a full settlement offer. I really appreciate your approach and expertise. I truly appreciate your help. I will admit I was skeptical, but speaking with you over the phone, your company seemed very genuine, so I pulled the trigger. Great job guys!"

– Ryan J.
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Thanks to the entire crew at Hansen Price. I settled my DV claim for $5,750, and I now have the check in hand. Safeco lowballed me, and I’m glad I had everything I needed to counter. Thanks again!"

– D. Anderson
Bend, Oregon

“Hansen Price made getting my Diminished Value check for $3,000 from my insurance quick and painless.”

– Danielle C.
Portland, Oregon

At Hansen Price, our purpose is to give our clients value. When you come to us for help with your Fort Worth diminished value claim, we’ll give the needed assistance to successfully obtain the financial compensation you deserve after your vehicle has suffered an accident.

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