Diminished Value in California

California is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in the country. With a vast variety of terrain, it is one of the only states where you can visit hills, mountains, snow, rain, windy roads along the coast, vineyards, valleys and city jungles all in the same day. With a population of over 40 million people combined with such a variety of areas to travel, it is understandable why California is one of the highest ranked states for accidents, and why the concept of diminished value may be important to you.

California has gone to great lengths to prevent accidents and educate drivers. They have invested in programs statewide to help reduce accidents and fatalities. The California office of Traffic Safety focuses on reducing fatalities and loss through safety and training. The California division of MADD, standing for Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocates safe and legal driving. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation works specifically with motorcyclists in the area and also focuses on safety on crowded highways and in traffic. California, as a state, has done a wonderful job providing these programs to their citizens. The one thing that they do not cover is the stress, anxiety and monetary loss when an accident occurs and you are not at fault. This monetary loss is called diminished value. This is where a company like Hansen Price comes to the rescue.

Diminished Value in California: What You Should Know

Diminished value is the result of when a car accident occurs. Many times when the at-fault party for the accident has your car repaired, the insurance company will pay the lowest amount to get the damages fixed. This can lead to shoddy repairs or aftermarket replacements. Even if the car is repaired to it’=s original state, there is still an immediate loss of resale value to your vehicle, simply because it was in an accident. Because of today’s technology, sites on the Internet such as carfax, autocheck and many other accident report companies make it very easy for the everyday person to look up a vehicle’s history. Most citizens of California looking to buy a used car are not interested in buying a vehicle that has been in a reported accident. The diminished value of your car could be anywhere from 15%-50%.

How Hansen Price Can Help with Your Diminished Value Claim in California

Hansen Price is a multi-state company that specializes in the care of our customers. We are highly educated in California diminished value law and it is our pleasure to help our clients reclaim the full value of their vehicles. Hansen Price will be there to guide you throughout your process. We know that most California insurance companies do not have a diminished value expert on hand and can guide you to a reputable appraiser. Insurance companies know that in California it may be difficult and very expensive to find legal representation that will assist in property damages. We can also offer legal direction and will help you with court proceedings if the case should escalate to that point.

Your car is a very special possession. Regardless of the situation, it is taxing to be a victim of a car accident. It is important to not put the results in the hands of an insurance company, as they will give you the lowest determined estimate to only fix the damages to your car and not include a diminished value estimate. Hansen Price was established to take some of the burden off of your and to completely rectify the situation.

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