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Diminished Value in Aurora

Aurora is an inviting place to live, with more and more people moving into the city’s west and east sides. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is the increase in drivers on the roads, and the higher chance of your car being involved in an accident. No matter how small, a car accident is a stressful and time-consuming experience – however, drivers in Aurora are often not aware of a lurking consequence for their car. This is known as diminished value. Even after your insurance company pays for your vehicle’s auto repair, your car could be worth 50 percent less than the same make and model for sale in Aurora. Diminished value is often unmentioned by your insurance company, even if you are not at fault at the accident.

Luckily, Illinois is in a diminished value state, which means drivers in Aurora may be entitled to diminished value compensation for their vehicle’s loss in market value from their insurance company. We can help you discover what you might be entitled to from your insurance, including an appraisal along with a guided walk through of the claims process.

At Hansen Price, our team uses their knowledge of insurance companies to help assess your diminished value claim in Aurora. Don’t let an auto accident derail your future plans or your vehicle’s worth – contact us today!

Diminished Value

The claim process doesn’t have to be intimidating, as our team at Hansen Price will help guide you on each step. From determining your vehicle’s diminished value claim for Aurora with an independent assessment, to how to approach your insurance company. We strive to give our customers compassionate and comprehensive service.



Hansen Price will begin by with a quick assessment and appraisal for your vehicle’s diminished value. We will also examine if the claim process might not be worth your time and stress, such as if your vehicle is an older model or if the accident only resulted in minor repairs.


Our team will collect all the information to create a valuation report for your diminished value claim. We strive to make it a stress-free process, so most of the information can be presented over the phone or via email.


We will take charge of all the paperwork, leaving you with a concise report to present to your insurance company so you can file your diminished value claim. Aurora clients can breathe easy with included sample letters and a clear map for the diminished value process.


"I sent off the report you guys prepared for me, and boom- I got a full settlement offer. I really appreciate your approach and expertise. I truly appreciate your help. I will admit I was skeptical, but speaking with you over the phone, your company seemed very genuine, so I pulled the trigger. Great job guys!"

– Ryan J.
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Thanks to the entire crew at Hansen Price. I settled my DV claim for $5,750, and I now have the check in hand. Safeco lowballed me, and I’m glad I had everything I needed to counter. Thanks again!"

– D. Anderson
Bend, Oregon

“Hansen Price made getting my Diminished Value check for $3,000 from my insurance quick and painless.”

– Danielle C.
Portland, Oregon

At Hansen Price, we provide our clients the best in value when it comes to assisting with their Aurora, IL diminished value claims. Our goal is to get you the highest financial compensation after your vehicle has been in an accident. We know that with your settlement check in hand, you’ll be able to breathe much easier and can move forward from the accident that undoubtedly caused you great stress.

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