In a perfect world, you would never be in a car accident (or need to know about diminished value appraisals at all). Or if you were, you would immediately have the kind of repairs that would leave your vehicle worth just as much as it did the seconds before impact.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.

When you are in a collision – whether a minor fender-bender or major altercation – your vehicle instantly loses value.

At Hansen Price, we specialize in assisting you to claim all the diminished value you are owed. With our custom Diminished Value Appraisals and Reports, prepared to USPAP™ standards, you’re in the best position to get the money you’re owed due to the diminished value of your post-accident vehicle.

What is Diminished Value?

If your vehicle has been in an accident, it has lost value. This loss in value is known as “Diminished Value,” or “DV.” Often, the insurance company paying your claim is responsible for compensating you for DV.

In addition, if you used an insurance-referred discount or national chain body shop, your vehicle was most likely not repaired to manufacturer’s specifications. Hansen Price, with over 25 years experience performing diminished value appraisals, can help you recover what is owed by the insurance company or body shop.

Diminished value appraisals that protect your investment.

Whether you are a business professional, raising a family, working through college, or retired, your vehicle is a very important piece of your life. It’s an investment in mobility that allows you to meet the demands of everyday life. A collision can instantly change all that, and a diminished value appraisal can help ensure you aren’t left struggling.

Even if you are not at fault, a collision can be life-changing. Not only can you face physical and emotional loss, the financial loss because of the diminished value of your vehicle can be between 15% – 50%, even with perfect repairs.

Some factors that cause diminished value are:

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